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Frequently Asked Questions

Money flow is always mattered with any business, especially with e-commerce merchants. Keeping Paypal account on good standing is very important to avoid many serious issues with your account such as: reserve money, long time to withdrawal, lose disputes or account blocked.

Paypal may disable your account first then hold your income up to 180 days, it depends on the number of issues, disputes or claims you get from the consumers. We enclosed a quote from Paypal below and also the link to Paypal Reserves TOS so you may find out more ideas

"Ship promptly and give your customers valid tracking information through PayPal, so they can keep tabs on their purchases and know when to expect delivery"

Chargeback refers to the return of funds to a customer. The action is forcibly launched by the issuing bank of the card used by the consumer to make the payment.

Absolutely yes! But time is of the essence in the world of e-commerce. The goal should always be to spend time on money-generating tasks instead of low-cash value tasks that can be automated. By using Trackiy, you are saving hours and hours that could be invested in winning product search, campaigning etc.

We have a central panel for collecting and submitting Tracking to customers where the package is located and directly tracking data added to the PayPal transaction without logging in to PayPal.

No, Trackiy require creating an app, that requires a Paypal Business Account.

Data transmission is completely encrypted from beginning to end (SSL). Moreover, Shopify - Trackiy is 100% compliant with OAuth2 requests from Shopify and PayPal included. Data validation for authentication and authentication. Unlike other solutions, your data is not provided to any human operators. Therefore, no one has ever visited your store or Paypal. Our system is designed for maximum security & encryption for you.

Due to technical incompatibility caused by interference from other third party apps or payment gateways, the user might experience errors and Trackiy might be unable to sync orders.

For users that use PayPal Payflow it is unfortunately not possible for Trackiy to sync their order's tracking details due to limitation imposed by PayPal Payflow. We advise that PayPal Payflow users do not install and use Trackiy.

Users that use CheckoutX and other checkout apps might experience errors when trying to sync their orders, We advise you to uninstall Trackiy if you all your orders come up as errors. We are currently working on finding a solution to this.

You can cancel anytime by removing app from you store.

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